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Mars is the fourth planet from the sun in the Sol System. Martian civilization was established in 2065. In 2130, Ares was established as a sovereign Martian nation seperate from Earth.


Earth suffered tremendously from poor economic, environmental, and social policies from the world's largest governments. Even with massive world-wide protest from civillians, policy changes were slow and insignificant. The largest contributors to the crisis were allowed to reign freely with little to no repercussions. Desperate to escape impending doom, many humans looked to Mars.

Throughout the 2020s to 2060s, Einla Industries worked on terraforming and colonizing Mars. In 2058, they were able to establish the EME-58 outpost for researchers to survey and prepare the land. Though the land was still barren in comparison to Earth's lush biomes, regular civilians were permitted to settle on Mars by 2065. This was the start of the Mars immigration waves which lasted from 2065 to 2105.

Wealthy entrepreneurs and businesspeople were among the first civilians to immigrate to Mars. They were quick to establish industries on the planet but there was little economic profit until Mars immigration became more accessible to people of lower socioeconomic status.

Mars' surface slowly became more and more populated with flora and fauna. As Martian civilization grew, Mars formed its own politics and social institutions separate from Earth. By 2130, Ares was established as a sovereign Martian nation.

As time went on and industries continued to expand, Mars suffered the same environmental fate as Earth did. Martians suffered from 'Martian Sickness' due to Mars' low gravity and as wealth disparity grew, few people could afford treatment. Though climate disaster slowed down on Earth, a vast majority of Martians were too poor to return. With no other nearby habitable planets and an unwillingness to change policy, Einla's new goal was to make an artificial planet known as Neoterra.