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Earth is the third planet from the sun in the Sol System and the origin planet of humans.


Earth has a long and rich history unique in its own star system.

In the 1700s, humans began industrializing the planet. Under capitalism, industrialization kept speeding up at the cost of the environment. Various industries required more resources to be extracted than resources could accumulate.

Despite the rising amount of carbon emissions since industrialization, governments around the globe refused to regulate corporations and how they are allowed to use labour and natural resources. Instead, many governments and companies looked into the terraformation and colonization of Mars. A mass exodus from Earth to Mars occurred throughout 2065 to 2105.

Even after the colonization of Mars, Earth still couldn't keep up with the amount of environmental damage. After a couple decades, Mars was suffering the same fate. No other planet in the Sol System was habitable so Neoterra was created. This resulted in the Neoterra Extinction Event.

Earth was damaged badly during the Neoterra Extinction Event. Meteors hitting Earth and anomalous energy seeping through the planet caused global food shortages. Massive amounts of anomalous energy resulted in increased tectonic and volcanic activity. People feared that extreme geologic activity would result in Earth becoming an uninhabitable landscape similar to Venus.

Many people left Earth and the Sol System out of fear. Though many people also chose to stay, giving rise to the Flock of the Phoenix activist group. This organization has been preserving and restoring Earth to the best of their abilities. After several centuries and ongoing efforts, they successfully stabillized Earth. The economic systems, social institutions, and the landscape itself would be unrecognizeable to a 21st century Earthling.