Book of Xyril

Xyril was born into poverty in the ruthless kingdom Celtrein. Ever since the old king died and the prince took his place, Celtrein sought constant domination over new territories and its own subjects. This sparked countless wars and rebellions, all of which ruled in the king of Celtrein’s favour. During the rise of a new rebellion, Xyril escaped the kingdom to unknown and dangerous lands in search of the ultimate answer. She hoped it would tell her how to purify the kingdom from evil. Her family sent her off on her journey with their only mule, sick and old, as well as some rations, that would last her only a few days.

Xyril travelled to many villages. When Xyril asked the villagers for directions, they all led her astray. The first village was left in ruins after they had recently been conquered by Celtrein’s rulers. Upon Xyril’s arrival, they told her they had nothing left to give her, not even directions. However, they did offer her a place for her and her mule to rest for a few nights. The second village was a wealthy village who assumed Xyril was a Celtrein raider. When Xyril asked for advice, they tried to lead her to her doom. Before they sent her off, they gave her food and water so she would trust their advice. Xyril got lost and ended up at the third village, who was preparing itself for war against Celtrein. They told Xyril that they had little time to offer better directions, but there was a strange old woman near the mountains that could help her. They gave her a map so she wouldn’t get lost again.

Xyril made her way to the old woman, who told Xyril that she needs to return to Celtrein at once and bargain with the king. As a parting gift, the old woman gave her a piece of glass wrapped in red cloth for wealth and good luck. Xyril left the old woman’s home and heard something call to her. Rather than listen to the old woman’s advice and head to Celtrein immediately, she decided to travel up the mountain and into a cave. As soon as she stepped foot inside, she was bombarded by incomprehensible noise, loud and vicious. The noise, without using words, urged Xyril to harm herself. In a haze of fury and confusion, Xyril broke the glass and gouged out her own eye. Her blood splattered across the cave floor and at once vivid plants and bright fire surrounded her. She collapsed on the ground dead, and a new form emerged from the corpse. Her form was distorted, her skin hardened by flame and nurtured by vine. She wrapped the cloth around her gaping eye socket and left the cave, but the noise did not leave her.

Xyril returned to Celtrein at the climax of the rebellion. Without much thought, Xyril aided the rebels as the king’s army charged at her. She made her way through the castle to the throne room, taking each blow from the royal guard. Her blood spilled throughout the castle halls, creating trails of fire and vine. Before she could attack the king, she collapsed dead on the floor once again. Her body combusted and vines sprawled out from inside her, strangling the king and engulfing him in flame. After the king’s death, the rebellion ended and the king’s brother took his place to restore Celtrein to glory.

Xyril represents change, rebirth, and growth. Common symbols include eyes, burning vines and crops, and broken glass.