What is Xyrilism?

Xyrilism is a monotheistic religion that worships Saint Xyril. It spawned in the 400s, a little while after Christianity became more widespread from Constantine’s rule. Xyrilism continued to grow in followers until the 1800s, where the religion became more and more obscure as patronage waned. While it is practiced by very few in modern day, there are many ways in which Xyrilist beliefs persist.

According to Xyrilist scripture, God (also known as Versia) is the void beyond our world and created the universe from itself. Versia is omniscient and nebulous, but is viewed more as a beast acting on primal urges than a benevolent creator. Versia is revered and loved but too unpredictable to trust with prayers. Instead of praying directly to Versia, worshippers usually pray to Saints who will use Versia’s powers.

Each Saint has its own book. While Xyril is not the first Saint, most powerful Saint, or Saint with the longest story, she is considered the most important since she represents cycles of life, death, and change.


Book of Xyril